shower with love:
color and create a lasting BABY SHOWEr kEEPSAKE


Latest Reviews

These are seriously the cutest blocks ever. I am so excited to use them for a craft at my baby shower! I was also able to get 2 day delivery. 10/10!

Kingsley Chandler

I love the quality of the blocks and the customer service was great! I can’t wait to have family & friends paint them at my daughter’s baby shower.

Henry Smith

These are awesome! They were a big hit at the baby shower.

John Doe

I am so excited to use these at my daughter in laws baby shower. While she is opening the gifts everyone will be coloring a block while looking at the gifts for the baby. Thank you

Debbie Lund





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ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity
ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity
ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity
ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity
ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity
ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity
ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity
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ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity

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