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ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity

ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity

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Discover the perfect addition to your celebration with our Baby Shower ABC Coloring Book, an innovative twist among baby shower craft table ideas. This delightful activity offers more than just entertainment; it's a treasured keepsake for the mom-to-be. Our Baby Shower Coloring Book includes a high-quality album book, designed specifically to safeguard these cherished memories. Each of the 30 pages features a sleeve, perfectly sized to hold the included 4x6 inch alphabet coloring cards.

This unique activity doubles as a baby shower guest book, allowing each guest to contribute to the baby's first ABC book. It’s not just an activity; it’s a heartwarming journey through the alphabet, crafted with love by friends and family. Alongside these alphabet cards, we include 4 special 'Advice for Mom' cards, offering a personal touch and valuable insights for the expectant mother.

The set also comes with a beautifully designed tent sign, making it effortless to create an eye-catching display for this engaging activity at your shower. The creative designs on each card are not only fun and entertaining for guests but also endearingly educational.

Embrace the joy and creativity of your baby shower with this exquisite coloring book, designed to capture the essence of your celebration and provide a lasting memento for years to come.
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