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Baby Shower Guestbook ABC Blocks with Sign

Baby Shower Guestbook ABC Blocks with Sign

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Engage your guests in a memorable and creative baby shower game with our Baby Shower Block Activity. This unique set includes 26 wooden alphabet blocks, each meticulously crafted into 1.5" cubes. One side of each block is beautifully engraved with a letter, while the opposite side displays a charming design representing that letter. The set is designed for guests to color at the baby shower, allowing them to contribute to a delightful keepsake for the baby.

This baby shower block activity set comes complete with a decorative tent sign inviting guests to ""Please help us color Baby's first ABC blocks."" It's a perfect way to add a touch of personalization and fun to your celebration. Guests can enjoy this coloring activity at their leisure, creating a personalized set of blocks that will be cherished for years to come.


Set includes 26 wooden blocks (1.5" each)
Each block features an engraved letter and a corresponding design
Tent sign included: "Please help us color Baby's first ABC blocks."
Whether as a centerpiece activity or a side entertainment, these blocks offer not just fun but a beautiful, personalized keepsake for your little one's nursery. Ideal for those seeking creative baby shower games, this set ensures that everyone at the party can partake in making something special for the baby.

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